Pete Hautman, Young Adult Author, March 21 & 22

Pete Hautman, Young Adult Author

“Back in the mid-1990s I wrote a time travel mystery called Mr. Was. The main character, for most of the story, was a teenager. When I showed the manuscript to a friend, he said, ‘This is a Young Adult novel.'”

“Oh,” said I. “That’s kind of a stupid name for teen books.”

And then I started thinking about the books I read as a teenager, and how much they had mattered to me, and how vividly I still remembered many of them–both the good and the bad. And then I started remembering other things about being a teenager, and the ideas started coming.

So here I am years later with a dozen YA books, and more to come, and you know what? I still think “Young Adult” is a stupid name for the kind of books I write.

Hautman’s presentation will be about the genre, his process and his works.

Aspiring teen and adult writers encouraged to attend!

Print and share the Pete Hautman, Young Adult Author Event Poster!

Pete Hautman is nominated for a MN Book Award for his 2011 book, The Big Crunch.

1 p.m. – Ada Library
4 p.m. – Moorhead Library
7 p.m. – Hawley Library

10:30 a.m. – Crookston Library
1:30 p.m. – Climax Library
4 p.m. – Hendrum LINK Site

These events are free and open to all.

Programming is sponsored by Lake Agassiz Regional Library and supported in part with money from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage fund.