Want More? Get More! Checkout 25 eBooks & Audiobooks at a Time!

Do you feel like you’re tearing through your eBooks and Audiobooks once you check them out from our digital library?

You ipadbookstorejan2010asked for more and now you’re getting it! Instead of being limited to 10 checkouts and 10 holds in the digital library, you’re now able to checkout 25 items at a time and place an additional 25 holds! Start browsing our newly designed digital library now!

The new digital library page redesign is intuitive and visually appealing with eye-catching bookcover art and also offers “See Book: Read Book.” No longer will you have to download special software to read eBooks. Once checked out, the book can be read across a variety of devices instantly.  The filtered search and one-step checkout are added bonuses to the user.

Watch this comprehensive 7-minute video to learn how to navigate the enhanced design and make the most of borrowing eBooks and Audiobooks from Lake Agassiz Digital Library.

Please note this is a redesign of the site to help you access eBooks and Audiobooks seamlessly. The digital library still supports all previous apps and devices. This is an enhancement to the digital library service.

Remember, no late fees ever on digital library items!