Interlibrary Loan Policy

Lake Agassiz Regional Library (LARL) participates in a cooperative program of participating libraries to obtain materials that are not locally owned. Interlibrary loan (ILL) plays a key role in delivering materials and information to meet the ever-expanding needs of the library user. Interlibrary loan supplements but is not a substitute for collection development at the local level.

LARL customers who have a valid LARL borrower’s card, as well as users from participating Minnesota public libraries may use this service. Customers may direct their requests to staff at any of LARL’s branch libraries or undertake unmediated requests using the MnLINK “Get It” button.

An interlibrary loan request is a request to borrow books, audiovisual materials, microfilm, and other materials not owned by LARL from another library system or institution. Photocopies of articles may also be requested. LARL, in turn, supplies materials to other requesting libraries in MnLINK, Minnesota’s network of cooperating libraries. There is no fee for requesting materials that are located in MnLINK. If the requested material cannot be obtained from MnLINK and a national search is undertaken, charges may be incurred. Any charges from the lending library will be passed on to the customer. Customers will be notified and asked for approval before a national search is initiated.

LARL customers may request many types of materials from other libraries in MnLINK, but very new items with current year plus previous year copyright dates may not be available for loan. These requests should be sent to the Collection Development Librarian for purchase consideration. Most libraries will not loan reference, non-circulating, rare or expensive items, but will send photocopies of specific sections. Other materials not requested as ILL include high demand titles, current local or national bestsellers and items already owned but in use within LARL.

There will be a limit of 10 items a customer may request through interlibrary loan at one time. Requests are sent directly from LARL branches to LARL’s ILL department for immediate processing, or placed by staff or customer using the “Get It” button feature of MnLINK. Most material is received within one or two weeks. Interlibrary loan items are checked out for 21 days (three weeks) except for items requested through a national source; check out periods will follow the lending library’s loan period. Customers must honor any use restrictions specified by the lending library, such as no photocopying or in-library use only. Renewals may be requested before the items are due, but are subject to the lending library’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed. It is possible to request the material a second time. All borrowed material is subject to recall by the lending library.

To ensure that lending libraries will continue to honor requests, returning items on time is critical. If kept overdue, a reminder will be sent using e-mail, telephone message or U.S. mail. Late charges will be assessed. Lost or damaged items will incur charges assessed by the lending library.

Approved: Lake Agassiz Regional Library Board, April 18, 2007; March 19, 2009; March 18, 2010; November 21, 2013