Meeting Room Policy

“The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas…Libraries which make…meeting rooms available to the public they service should make such facilities available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”

…From American Library Association, LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS

Several of the libraries within the Lake Agassiz Regional Library have a meeting room. Under the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Section 375.335, Subd. 2, and the LARL Agreement, the Lake Agassiz Regional Library Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the use of these meeting rooms. These rooms are available to organized groups and associations for public or private meetings in which no admission fee is charged, with the exception of courses sponsored by a state-accredited Institution or the Fosston Community Library and Arts Association. Meeting rooms will be available only to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities, including library-sponsored or library-related meetings.

Reservations can be made for use of a room at the library circulation desk up to three months in advance. The library will use the meeting room and will have priority for its own library sponsored functions. Forms which report the usage of meeting rooms must be completed.

The meeting rooms are available for free use during hours when the library is open. There will be no after hours use except in building where it is not necessary to have library staff supervision (Breckenridge, Crookston and Detroit Lakes). These cities may levy a fee for utilities for after hour use. After hours use is also permitted for programs sponsored by each local library’s designated “Friends” group with the stipulation that the group will provide adequate supervision and no library services will be provided.

Some of the rooms offer the use of a projection screen, chalkboard, and tables. In a few instances, a 16mm film projector, overhead projector and/or video cassette player are available for use by groups which have been instructed in their operations. A small kitchen, dishes and coffee urn are also available in some of the libraries for the servicing of light refreshments only.

Groups must allow reserved time to set up and take down the tables, chairs, and special equipment before and after the meeting. Staff is not available to help setup or to clean up meeting rooms. The use of rooms should be completed at least 10 minutes before library closing time.

Groups are responsible for discipline, restricting themselves to use of the requested room(s) and leaving facilities in clean condition and good repair. A supervising adult is to be present for groups of children and young adults. The library cannot be responsible for storing material for groups using a room. If the librarian determines misuse of the meeting rooms, the group may lose its privilege for future use and/or a $25 service charge may be levied against the group (Signatory on the “Report on Use of Library Meeting Rooms” form will be held responsible.) Restitution must be made to the library for any damage to library facilities by the group or individuals association with the group.


Adopted, Lake Agassiz Regional Library July 18, 1973

Amended, Lake Agassiz Regional Library April 20, 1974; August 23, 1977; May 11, 1981; July 6, 1982; September 22, 1984; May 18, 1991; July 18, 1992