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Basic Information

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What works?
  • EPUB format eBooks
  • Kindle format eBooks
  • MP3 format audiobooks
 What do you need for OverDrive eBooks?
Returning Items
  • View your library of checked-out titles
  • Tap edit (top left corner)
  • Tap Delete (appears to the right)
  • Select ‘Return and Delete’
  • When returning early via the iPhone/iPod Touch app, items will disappear from My Account within 5 minutes of their early return
Known Issues

PDF format eBooks are not available through OverDrive Media Console app

Kindle format eBooks may not be checked out through Safari for iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Solution? Checkout your eBooks through a computer or iPad-based browser and sync eBooks afterward to your iPhone or iPod Touch via the Kindle app for iPad.