All Month: PAWS for Teen Trivia

SunAug 17

All Day

Moorhead Public Library

Moorhead, Minnesota


Teens – We know how busy your summers can get, so here’s a library program you can take part in on your own schedule! Here’s how it works…
Whenever you have a spare minute, stop by Fosston Public Library:
1. Sign up
a. Fill out personal game card (kept @ the library)
b. Receive your first of 4 trivia sheets.
2. Answer the questions
a. If you know the answer, write it down
b. If you don’t know the answer, phone a friend or look it up in a book or online. It’s OK! Then write down the answer.
3. Return completed trivia sheet to the library.
a. Collect a token for your game card.
b. Receive next trivia sheet.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you’ve collected 4 tokens.
5. Receive a prize for game cards completed and turned in before September 1, 2014!

Limit 1 prize per teen per month.

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