Wellness Wednesday Series – Mental Health – Attachment Disorders in Children

WedApr 2

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Crookston Public Library

Crookston, Minnesota


This is the first of our Wellness Wednesday Series

The presenter for today’s topic will be Janet Amundson from the Northwestern Mental Health Center in Crookston MN. http://www.nwmhc.org/

Some children who experience difficulties or disruptions in their relationships with caregivers early in their development will go on to develop reactions that can be significantly disruptive.  Learn about early childhood difficulties such as traumatic events and disrupted caregiving, how these affect some children, what that might look like over time, and how to get appropriate help for children who display these reactions.

Janet Amundsen is an early childhood (EC) expert who provides services to children and families, as well as consultation to child-serving programs in the areas of childhood attachment and traumatic events.

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