Can I suggest that the library purchase a book or other item?

You betcha! Click here to suggest a purchase. You will need your 14-digit barcode number and PIN in order to log in.


How do I request an item in the collection?

When you find an item in the online catalog that is not currently available at your branch (either it is checked out or at another branch), simply click the “request” button on your screen. You’ll be asked to provide your 14-digit barcode number and your PIN.

Requests & Interlibrary Loan

Click on any item in our Web Catalog and follow the instructions to request the item.

Lake Agassiz Regional Library always strives to help you locate library material. At times, LARL is unable to fill your material request. Luckily, LARL partners with the MnLINK network to help you find what you’re seeking. See below for instructions to guide your search for interlibrary loan material.

Check the Lake Agassiz Regional Library’s catalog first, please!

Use Interlibrary Loan to request a book or other item that is not available through Lake Agassiz Regional Library. “Not available” means:

  • Not owned by Lake Agassiz Regional Library
  • All copies of an item are long overdue or missing

Note: Interlibrary loan requests placed for items owned by the Lake Agassiz Regional Library system will be canceled.

Are you looking for something new?

If the item you are looking for has been published in the last 12 months, please make a suggestion for purchase (You will need to login to your account first).




Use the MnLINK Gateway to search libraries across Minnesota and request items not owned by Lake Agassiz Regional Library.

If you are new to MnLINK or Interlibrary Loan, please visit our Getting Started page.


How can I get a book or other item the library does not own?

If you are looking for an item that is not in the LARL collection, you can often still obtain the item, either by requesting that the library purchase the item, or by borrowing the item from a library outside of the LARL system.

If you would like to suggest that the library purchase a particular item, click here.

You can search other Minnesota libraries by using MnLINK, a catalog of most libraries in Minnesota. You only need your 14-digit barcode number to request items through MnLINK. Items will be sent to the library you specify.