How do I renew my items?

You can renew what you’ve checked out one time…unless someone else is waiting for it. Then you have to bring it back. Everyone shares. Isn’t that great?!

Here’s how you renew:

1) Go to My Account and enter your Library Card Number and Pin.

2) Go to Items Checked Out and highlight what you’d like to keep longer.

3) Renew your selected items and enjoy your stuff for three more weeks! (We want our DVDs back in one week please. Those are wildly popular around these parts.)

Insider Tip #1!
If the item is overdue, this renewing online business will be a no-go. Just call your friendly local library and our staff will be able to help!

Insider Tip #2!
Sometimes you’ll get a message that there is a problem with your account and that just means that your local librarian wants to make sure we have all your contact information up-to-date. Or, unfortunately, you have a fine higher than $30, in which case we can’t lend you anything else until you bring our stuff back.

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