How do I renew my Library Account?

If you receive an error when logging into your LARL Digital Library account that says your account is expired you will need to contact your home library and speak to a staff member there.  Library accounts expire every 3 years from the time they are created or last renewed.  When you contact your home library they will review your account information to make sure we have up to date information.  You may need to provide proof of current residency or property ownership.

Please visit our hours and location page to see how to contact your home Library.


Why do Library Accounts Expire?  LARL has to ensure that only those that live or own property and pay taxes in our region have access to LARL resources.  Accounts expiring and needing to be renewed is an important part of making sure we have up to date information for our customers.  It also ensures that lost or forgotten accounts don’t remain active for long periods of time.

But this has never happened to me before?  Library accounts have always expired after 1 to 3 years.  Back when the only way to use the Library was to come in and check out books, your renewal would just happen during the check out process.  Now that you can use the LARL Digital Library from home the renewal doesn’t happen automatically.

Why wasn’t I notified before my account expired?  Our system doesn’t come with this capability built in.  We are working on adding this feature since we realize that it is frustrating to lose access without any warning.

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