Learn a New Language

Courtesy of Your Library

pronunciator Learn a New Language

Online Resources

livemocha world Learn a New Language


Livemocha provides free basic language learning courses in 38 languages, but also uses social networking to help with language learning. Livemocha connect language learners with native speakers to help people learn a new language.

openculture 150x150 Learn a New Language

Open Culture – Free Language Lessons

This is a listing of free language learning resources on the web, sorted by language.

bbc Learn a New LanguageBBC Languages

Language learning resources from the BBC for 8+ languages. Note: This website is no longer routinely updated, but they’ve left the resources they created up for people to use.

google Learn a New LanguageGoogle Translate

An instant translation program that provides translations among 58 different languages. You can also use this to translate Always use caution when using online translators. This is useful when you need a rough translation of something.

Resources for Specific Languages

coffeebreak Learn a New Language

Free 15-20 minute Spanish lessons that you can download and listen to. Provided by Radio Lingua, these lessons are lead by Mark accompanied by a student, Kara.

oneminute Learn a New Language


Short, basic lessons in Norwegian from the Radio Lingua Network.  They are about one minute each and free to download.

ojibwe Learn a New Language

A searchable Ojibwe-English dictionary featuring voices of Ojibwe speakers, produced by the University of Minnesota.