Strategic Plan

LARL Strategic Planning Framework

LARL Mission
The Mission of LARL is to enrich lives and strengthen communities.

LARL Values

  • We value Intellectual Freedom and equal access to information.
  • We value respect and tolerance.
  • We value a fun and welcoming atmosphere.
  • We value excellent customer service.
  • We value a current community driven collection.

Focus Area #1: Collection
We serve as the community’s first and best resource for information and entertainment.


  1. Build and maintain a diverse collection
  2. Promote collection


Focus Area #2: Lifelong Learning
We offer convenient and engaging opportunities to inspire curiosity and support individual growth.


  1. Provide easily accessible resources
  2. Offer relevant programming
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning


Focus Area #3: Communication
We offer progressive and responsive service to customers through a consolidated library model.


  1. Build and maintain a well informed staff
  2. Improve and update external communication


Focus Area #4: Advocacy
We strive to build and strengthen community relationships.


  1. Increase visibility
  2. Create and enhance alliances
  3. Equip and educate library advocates


LARL Strategic Planning Process

Phase I:
Community Conversations were held in all seven counties in August and September of 2013. Over 80 individuals participated in the conversations, offering valuable information and ideas. The information gathered during Phase I was used to create the survey questions for staff, board members, and the public in Phase II of the strategic planning process.

Phase II:
Customer surveys were distributed across the region; 1,203 completed online surveys and 126 completed print surveys were received. Fifty-one online staff surveys were collected as well.

During LARL Staff Day on October 14, LARL Staff participated in an exercise to determine LARL’s top issues, which included: budget, open hours, Legacy, collection, programming, communication, marketing, technology, training, and outreach.

Phase III:

Step #1: The Coordinating Team met in November and December to discuss survey results and create the Mission, Values, and Focus Areas of the Strategic Plan.

Step #2: Frontline employees from around the region were encouraged to participate on teams to determine the goals of the Focus Areas. The four teams were comprised of approximately five to seven individuals and were facilitated by Coordinating Team members.

Each Focus Area Team was asked to provide a list of goals and strategies to present to the Coordinating Team. On April 16, the Coordinating Team met to create goals to support the Focus Areas using the lists provided.

Step #3: The Coordinating Team met in May to create strategies and action steps using notes from the Focus Area Team meetings. The Coordinating Team will collaborate with staff from around the region to create and carry out action steps to move LARL forward and fortify a fulfilling library experience for both LARL staff and customers.

Strategic Planning Framework (.pdf)