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How many eBooks and eAudiobooks can I check out at one time?

A maximum of 25 titles can be checked out at one time. eBooks can be checked out for 14 days (default) or 21 days (optional). eAudiobooks can be checked out for 7 days (default) or 14 days (optional). Learn how to change your lending period here.

Can I recommend the library purchase a title that isn’t currently in the collection?

Yes, however there is no guarantee that recommended titles will be purchased. Customers can recommend one title per day. Learn how to recommend a title here.

Can I renew an eBook or eAudiobook I have checked out?

Yes, some titles may be renewed, as long as no other customers have placed a hold on the item. Learn how to renew a title here.

If an eBook or eAudiobook is already checked out, can I request it or put a hold on it? 

Yes, you can have up to 25 items on hold at one time. Holds are held for three days if the auto checkout feature is not turned on. Learn about holds here.

Can I personalize my account?

Customers can use the “My Account” menu to set lending periods for each format, choose to automatically borrow titles they’ve placed on hold, opt-in to a recorded history of all titles checked out and more.



We are closely monitoring information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and in compliance with recommendations from the State of MN, Curbside Pick-up is available in all LARL locations. To learn more about additional services in your community call your local library.
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