Ancestry/Genealogy Tutorials and Guides

Tutorials and Guides

Getting Started with the National Genealogical Society

View the National Genealogical Society’s tutorials for beginners on how to get started with your research.

Help for Genealogical Researchers – USGenWeb Project

This page, through USGenWeb, gives you a great outline on where to start and how to tackle specific genealogical challenges, from searching the census, to organizing your results, to genealogical computer software.

Beginning Your Search – PBS Ancestors Series   

This companion website to the PBS series Ancestors is a great introduction.

Free Research Classes – Family Search offers research classes online. Many lessons have video sessions, and many are on research concerning specific nationalities.

Finding Obituaries – Internet Public Library  

The Internet Public Library has great resource on how to find obituaries, gathering the information you need, and organizing your requests.

Help with Ancestry Library Edition