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No-Contact Curbside Delivery is Now Available!

While Lake Agassiz Regional Library buildings are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, a new service is available. Locations are now offering no-contact curbside delivery, allowing customers to pick up books, DVDs, print-outs and more in the library or LINK Site’s parking lot.

How can I use this service?
We encourage you to place holds on items in the library catalog. With limited sharing between libraries, limit your search to your home library using the “Library” dropdown list when searching the catalog. This will ensure an item will be available in a more timely fashion. No fines will be accrued during this time.

Stay tuned! An online book recommendation service for requesting materials is coming soon. At present, customers are encouraged to call or email their location for book and DVD recommendations from their favorite genre.

How does no-contact curbside delivery work?
The librarian will arrange a time for you to pull up and pick up your items, carefully placing them six feet from your vehicle and requesting that you remain in your vehicle until the librarian has stepped away. When the librarian gives you  the ‘thumbs up’, you may exit your vehicle and pick up your items.

What about returning the items I’ve checked out?
Lake Agassiz Regional Library has extended the due date for all items currently checked out and no fines will be accrued during this time period. Please call your location to find out if it is accepting returns at this time.

Where is this service offered?
All locations are offering this service.

What can I pick up at my location?
We are able to assist you with picking up books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, print jobs, tax forms, and more.


If you have a question about no-contact curbside delivery or any of the library’s services, call the hotline at 1-800-247-0449.


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