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New Books for Children
All thirteen : the incredible cave rescue of the Thai boys
City of the plague god
Shelly struggles to shine
The cloud race
Girl giant and the Monkey King
Sydney & Taylor explore the whole wide world
Mary Seacole : bound for the battlefield
How to get away with Myrtle
Cat Kid Comic Club
The talk : conversations about race, love & truth
Girls can! : smash stereotypes, defy expectations, and make history!
One real American : the life of Ely S. Parker, Seneca Sachem and Civil War general
Ground Zero
Claudia and the new girl
Gone to the woods : surviving a lost childhood
Teen Titans go! Roll with it!
Field trip fiasco
Sky gazing : a guide to the moon, sun, planets, stars, eclipses, constellations
Star showers
Black heroes of the wild west
Izzy in the doghouse
Late lunch with llamas
Adam Thielen : football
The everything kids
The puppy prince
Accidental archaeologists : true stories of unexpected discoveries
The last mirror on the left
The lost spells
Mellybean and the giant monster
Above the rim : how Elgin Baylor changed basketball
The monster who wasn
Ultimate rockopedia : the most complete rocks & minerals reference ever
Garfield goes hog wild
How we got to the moon : the people, technology, and daring feats of science behind humanity
Pepper Page saves the universe!
Nicky & Vera : a quiet hero of the Holocaust and the children he rescued
Katie the catsitter
The secret time machine and the Gherkin switcheroo
Run, monster, run!
Wings of fire : the graphic novel The dark secret
Nuestra América : 30 inspiring latinas/latinos who have shaped the United States
Desert diary : Japanese American kids behind barbed wire
Mr. Lemoncello and the titanium ticket
Tiny monsters : the strange creatures that live on us, in us, and around us
Legacy : women poets of the Harlem Renaissance
The rise of Kyoshi
Life-size animals : an illustrated safari
Karma Moon--ghosthunter
Ana on the edge
A whale of the wild
The Dragon Prince Through the moon
Chance : escape from the Holocaust
Millionaires for the month
Emperor of the universe
Everything comes next : collected and new poems
The un-fairy
Unspeakable : the Tulsa Race Massacre
Brains on!
Hide and seek
Sofia Valdez and the vanishing vote
Thea Stilton and the rainforest rescue
The Ickabog
She caught the light : Williamina Stevens Fleming : astronomer
The benefits of being an octopus
The stitchers
New Young Adult Books
The Flash The greatest trick of all
Fantastic Four Point of origin
Justice League Vengeance is thine
Superman The city of tomorrow. #2
Among the beasts & briars
Concrete rose
Rent a boyfriend
Game changer
City of villains
Fantastic Four Empyre
The amazing Spider-Man Threats & menaces
The shadow wand
How the king of Elfhame learned to hate stories
You were never here
A complicated love story set in space
Love in English
Batman, detective comics Arkham Knight
You have a match
Into the dark
Where we are
Star daughter
Superman Action Comics Leviathan hunt
Goblin king
How to pack for the end of the world
Cemetery boys
Batman/Superman Who are the Secret Six?
The Flash Year one
Daughters of jubilation
A vow so bold and deadly
I kissed Alice
The amazing Spider-Man Sins rising
Teen Titans/Deathstroke The terminus agenda
The summer of everything
Return of the thief
One piece Oden
Captain America Sharon Carter
Get a clue
A golden fury
X-men milestones Age of X
Happily ever afters
Broken wish
Even if we break
The Flash Rogues
Be dazzled
Daredevil, the man without fear Last rites. 1990-1992
X-Men #2
Captain America Monsters and men
The fascinators
Early departures
It only happens in the movies
Master of one
Playing with fire
This golden flame
A taste for love
Rebel rose
Dear Justyce
News + Events

Announcing an Adam Thielen-Inspired Poetry Contest for Grades 4-12

Lake Agassiz Regional Library  is inviting students in grades 4-12 to participate in a poetry contest honoring a local football legend.
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Don’t Miss Lalo’s Lunchbox: Interactive Virtual Event for Children 3+

This engaging show featuring comedy and sing-alongs is perfect for children ages three and up!…

read more

Educational Resources for Students of All Ages

As youth head to school in a variety of ways, your librarians are standing ready to support parents and educators with services and resources to help.
read more

Escape the Room with a Virtual Egyptian Adventure!

In this virtual escape room appropriate for all ages, you are an archaeologist with a…

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Online Resources for Kids Grades 7-12

Looking for educational resources for youth in grades 7-12? The following learning tools are offered…

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Online Resources for Kids Grades K-6

Looking for educational resources for elementary-aged youth? The following learning tools are offered free-of-charge. OverDrive…

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Online Resources for Early Learners

Looking for educational resources for early learners? The following learning tools are offered free-of-charge. OverDrive…

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Free Access to TumbleBook Library!

TumbleBook Library is offering free access to its K-6 eBook database, which helps children build…

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Your Kids Should Read Magazines and This Is Why

As adults, most of the reading we do isn’t actually from books. We read a…

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Summer Library Experience Begins June 1

Launch into outer space with an out-of-this-world Summer Library Experience this summer! Kids, teens and adults…

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Top Kids’ Books of 2018

We're proud to offer a broad selection of books for early readers. Below is a…

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Teens’ Top Ten Books of 2018

Every year the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) helps teens across the country select…

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Understanding Reading Levels

Helping your child find books that are appropriate for their reading level can be difficult,…

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Resources for homeschoolers

Lake Agassiz Regional Library offers a broad range of resources for those pursuing alternative schooling…

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Tips for Reading with Small Children

Reading with small children can be challenge, but it is well worth the the time…

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Sadie by Courtney Summers

Fans of true crime podcasts and mysteries prepare to be sucked into Sadie's world. Sadie's…

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Items in Spanish and Other Languages

Spanish language and other non-English language materials for the whole family Did you know that…

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Are graphic novels the same as reading regular books?

Is letting my child read graphic novels the same as letting him read regular books?…

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101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up

"This book is a great guide for what to read with your kids or recommend…

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LARL Presents Music with Siama and Dallas!

This spring, musicians Siama and Dallas will visit libraries across the region to perform interactive…

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Introducing EXPLORE! Summer Library Experience

This summer, kids, teens and adults are invited to join Lake Agassiz Regional Library on…

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