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We are grateful : otsaliheliga
Me funny : a far-reaching exploration of the humor, wittiness and repartee dominant among the First Nations people of North America, as witnessed, experienced and created directly by themselves, and with the inclusion of outside but reputable sources necessarily familiar with the indigenous sense of humour as seen from an objective perspective
Buffalo Bird Girl : a Hidatsa story
In the footsteps of Crazy Horse
The people shall continue
Taku wadaka he? = (What do you see?)
An infinity of nations : how the native New World shaped early North America
You don
The blue roses
Buffalo song
House of purple cedar
An indigenous peoples
Not my girl
The Dakota prisoner of war letters = Dakota Kaŝkapi Okicize Wowapi
Eagle song
The Mishomis book : the voice of the Ojibway
Walking on earth & touching the sky : poetry and prose by Lakota youth at Red Cloud Indian School
God is red : a native view of religion
Iktomi and the ducks and other Sioux stories
Giving thanks : a Native American good morning message
Mni sota makoce : the land of the Dakota
The creator
Dreaming in Indian : contemporary Native American voices
Beloved child : a Dakota way of life
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian
The Warriors
I am not a number
Follow the blackbirds
Itse selu : Cherokee harvest festival
As long as the river flows
The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven
Wild berries = Pikaci-mīnisa
The woman who outshone the sun : the legend of Lucia Zenteno = La mujer que brillaba aún más que el sol : la leyenda de Lucía Zenteno
"All the real Indians died off" : and 20 other myths about Native Americans
Songs from the loom : a Navajo girl learns to weave
Sky dancers
Crazy Horse
Cell traffic : new and selected poems
If I ever get out of here : a novel with paintings
Native athletes in action!
Sitting Bull : Lakota warrior and defender of his people
A broken flute : the Native experience in books for children
Songs of Shiprock Fair
Native women of courage
For indigenous eyes only : a decolonization handbook
Mission to space
The chichi hoohoo bogeyman
All our relations : native struggles for land and life
Before Columbus : the Americas of 1491
Muskrat will be swimming
Sacred wilderness
Navajo long walk : the tragic story of a proud people
My name is not easy
Sharing the skies : Navajo astronomy
First laugh : welcome, baby!
Black Elk
A boy called Slow : the true story of Sitting Bull
Moccasin thunder : American Indian stories for today
Grandmother Spider brings the sun : a Cherokee story
Killer of enemies #1
Dance in a buffalo skull
Custer died for your sins : an Indian manifesto
Native writers : voices of power
Hungry Johnny
Lincoln and the indians : Civil War policy and politics
How I became a ghost : a Choctaw Trail of Tears story #1
Saltypie : a Choctaw journey from darkness into light
Trail of the dead #2
When I was eight
Jingle dancer
Nanabosho & Porcupine
Yum! ¡MmMm! ¡Qué rico! : Americas
Bears make rock soup and other stories
The dance boots
Native defenders of the environment
Hidden roots
The birchbark house
Home to Medicine Mountain
A man called Raven
Birch Coulie : the epic battle of the Dakota War
The displacement of native peoples

Access the MN American Indian Collection Literature collection here.

A large selection of fiction and non-fiction works written by Native authors and focusing on Native American culture has been added to our collection, which is made possible by a project of the Minnesota Office of Indian Education using federal funding, Library Service and Technology Act [LS 00-17-0024-17].

The collection boasts works such as “Buffalo Song” by Joseph Bruchac, “The Birchbark House” by Louise Erdrich and more, and offers something for all age groups from childhood to adulthood.

To access the full collection of works, library customers can search our catalog for “MN American Indian Literature” using the keyword search and quotation marks. While the collection was originally designed for use by educators teaching grades K-12, the materials have been wildly popular for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Click here to access the American Indian Literature Resources for Educators: An Annotated Bibliography. This document includes the MN English Language Arts Standards for K-12, the grade level served, the title and author of the recommended book, and an annotation.

A printable version of the American Indian book list is also available.

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