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You can print from any mobile device or laptop with Princh. It also allows you to pay for your print jobs in advance, so you no longer have to wait in line.

How to print?

1. Printing from your phone and tablet

The new printing solution is available on mobile phones and tablets. Download the free Princh app from the App Store or Google Play. Check the printing from your iPhone video guide or the printing from your Android video guide to see the steps you need to follow to start.

Printing from your own laptop

You can also print from your own laptop at the library by visiting the webpage. Check the printing from your laptop video guide to see the instructions.

Print from home

As Princh is a cloud-based service, you can now send your print jobs at any time from any place. You are in control of when your documents will be printed. See the easy to follow steps below:

  1. Select the document you would like to print and the printer you would like to use
  2. When choosing your payment method, select the “Pay at the desk” option
  3. Enter your name, so your print job can be identified later
  4. Come to our library within the next 24 hours
  5. Say your previously stated name to our library staff and pay for your print job
  6. Take your documents

Find your locations code

Find the code for the location you will pick up your printing from and enter it on the website.

Location Printer ID
Ada 103504
Bagley 103507
Barnesville 103505
Breckenridge 103512
Climax 103506
Crookston 103404
Detroit Lakes 103403
Fertile 103508
Fosston 103513
Hawley 103509
Mahnomen 103510
McIntosh 103511
Moorhead 103402
How much does it cost?

Black & White….$.10 per one-sided copy/$.20 for two-sided copy (duplex)
Color…$.25 per one-sided copy/$.50 per two-sided copy (duplex)

How can I pay?

With Princh you can instantly pay online from your device via card or mobile payment options.

See how it works:

For further information about how to use our new printing solution visit the Princh website.

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