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The Lake Agassiz Regional Library encourages the public to use its facilities, materials and services to fulfill their educational, cultural and recreational needs. To best serve all library users and staff, certain standards and rules of library behavior have been established. Behavior becomes unacceptable when it interferes with appropriate use of the library by others or when it could result in a safety hazard, injury, or damage to library property. The Library is defined as the library building, its surrounding parking lot and sidewalks. The following is not intended to be an exhaustive list:

Rules of Conduct

  • Any act or conduct in violation of federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulations or library rules or policies is prohibited in any library facility.
  • Behavior which may disturb others or interfere with their rights to use library facilities is prohibited, including, but not limited to: loud, repetitive, abusive, obscene or threatening language; loud conversations, running, shoving, fighting, physical or verbal harassment of staff or other customers; or offensive, pervasive odor that interferes with others’ use of the library.
  • Customers must maintain orderly and safe entry/exit of the library by not loitering in high traffic areas, doorways, aisles and stairways.
  • In acknowledgement of the Clean Indoor Air Act (Minnesota Statutes 144.412-147), smoking and tobacco use of any form is forbidden inside library buildings, and includes surrounding parking lots, sidewalks and grounds.
  • Audio/visual equipment, used with headphones, and cell phones may be used in library facilities provided the equipment’s volume or the speaker’s voice level does not disturb others.
  • Prior permission from the library director or designee is required prior to recording any sound or images on television equipment, tape or film, or on electronic or digital devices, such as cell phones, while on library property.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages or displaying intoxicated behavior on library property is prohibited.
  • Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, is required at all times.
  • Only animals needed to assist a customer with a disability are allowed in library facilities.
  • Use of sporting equipment is not allowed in any library facility.
  • Failure to abide by the Library Code of Conduct may result in loss of library privileges.

Individuals of all ages are expected to follow these rules. Individuals who violate the Code of Conduct may be suspended or banned from the Library properties and/or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Staff may tell any patron who has engaged in any inappropriate behavior in violation of this Code of Conduct to immediately leave the Library. Any person who has been told to leave the Library and refuses to leave will be considered to be trespassing resulting in notification of law enforcement.

Adopted: LARL Board of Trustees, October 15, 2015

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