Legacy Events

2017 Arts and Cultural Heritage Series

We are thrilled to bring this fantastic lineup of performers, authors and musicians to your community free of charge, thanks to funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. LARL, along with other Minnesota Public Libraries, has been the proud recipient of funding from the Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund since 2008.

This funding has allowed us to bring valuable artistic, cultural and historical experiences to the residents of northwest Minnesota. Our hope is that these programs will offer a mix of entertainment and enrichment for families and individuals in our communities.

We hope you have enjoyed the programming over the years and continue to enjoy these experiences for years to come.

If you enjoy these programs, thank your local legislator for continued Legacy funding.

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Up in the UP with Bill Jamerson
You’ll love Bill Jamerson’s songs and stories about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which remind us of what miners experienced in MN’s Iron Range. Due to its isolation, many of the area’s cultural traditions have been preserved, and his stories about the people who grew up there in the 1930s are sure to delight audiences of all ages.

September 5- Fertile at 10:15 am
September 5- Halstad Senior Center at 2:00 pm (Halstad Living Center and Heritage House)
September 5- Fosston at 6:30 pm
September 6- McIntosh at 1:00 pm
September 6- Hawley at 6:30 pm
September 7- Frazee at 10:30 am
September 7- Ulen (in the school theater) at 2:00 pm
September 7- Moorhead at 6:30 pm
September 8- Bagley at 10:00 am,
September 8- Crookston at 1:00 pm

Bus Trip
Don’t miss the Detroit Lakes Public Library’s bus trip to favorite attractions in Duluth. Admission and transportation will be free–provided in part by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund. Meals and incidentals will be the participant’s responsibility. Call the library today to reserve your seat on the bus!

September 9

Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen
Discover real food – the indigenous American fruits and vegetables, the wild and foraged ingredients, game, and fish familiar to Native Americans in our area. Sean Sherman, the Oglala Lakota chef and founder of the Sioux Chef, will describe wild foods, how they’re processed, and how they’re used by the indigenous community.

October 11 – Crookston at 1:30 p.m.
October 12 – Mahnomen School at 8:30 a.m.
October 12 – Moorhead at 6:30 p.m.




Treasures Left Behind with Arna Rennan & Loretta Kelley
Welcome to a world of brave immigrants, joyful dance music, and the sound of ballads from hundreds of years ago. Discover the stories of trolls, giants, and the underground world in nature. Hardanger fiddle player Loretta Kelley and performer Arna Rennan will delight audiences with “slaatter og stev” fiddle tunes.

September 12th- Rothsay at 10:00 am (Westfall Apartments 106 3rd. Ave. SW, Rothsay, Minnesota)
September 12th- Halstad Senior Center at 2:00 pm
September 12th- Barnesville Senior Center at 6:30 pm
September 13th- Cormorant (Community Room) at 10:00 am
September 13th- Twin Valley at 2:00 pm
September 14th- Lake Park (Community Center, 2032 2nd St.) at 9:00 am,
September 14th- Bagley at 2:00 pm,
September 14th- Breckenridge at 7:00 pm


Dream of Owls Puppet Theatre
Families will love this fascinating puppet show, featuring the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre! Little Theo is drifting off to sleep when he is frightened by a hooting sound. His father shows him how to overcome his fear by naming it. Join Theo as he drifts off to sleep and discovers more about owls.

October 3rd- Mahnomen School at 9:30
October 3rd- Detroit Lakes at 1:30
October 4th- Moorhead at 10:30
October 4th- Fosston at 3:30
October 5th- Crookston at 10:30
October 5th- Climax at 1:30
October 6th- Barnesville at 10:30

Minneapolis Guitar Quartet
Experience an imaginative performance  of original works featuring brilliant arrangements of beloved classic and contemporary composers.

Thursday October 19 – Breckenridge at 7:00 pm
Friday October 20 – Crookston at 11:00 am
Friday October 20 – Fosston at 2:00 pm

Minnesota in the Great War
Watch history come to life with popular living history performer Arn Kind, who will share how Minnesotans found themselves on battlefields and seas that were far more dangerous than anything they’d experienced before.

October 23- Frazee at 10:30 am
October 23- Detroit Lakes at 6:30 pm
October 24- Fertile at 10:15 am
October 24- Barnesville at 6:30 pm
October 25- Bagley at 10:30 am
October 25- Gonvick at 3:00 pm
October 26- Mahnomen School at 9:30 am
October 26- Ada at 6:30 pm
October 27- Ulen School Theater at 9:30 a.m.
October 27- Fosston at 6:30 pm


Invisible Asians 
Hear the stories of more than 60 Korean-American adoptees from Invisible Asians author Kim Park Nelson. Due to the increase in adoptions of Korean children after the Korean War, there are more Korean-American adoptees per capita in Minnesota than in any other state, Park Nelson will share their experiences and unique perspectives, which are often left out of traditional discussions of the topic.

November 1- Crookston  at 6:30 pm
November 2- Detroit Lakes at 2:00 pm
November 2- Moorhead  at 6:30 pm

Due to a family emergency, the Homemade with Beatrice Ojakangas events will be be canceled this fall. Stay tuned for possible events available in the future!

legacyMN-Library-Legacy-Logo_smallIn November 2008, Minnesota voters approved a constitutional amendment to dedicate funds for Minnesota’s Outdoor Heritage, Clean Water, Parks and Trails, and Arts and Cultural Heritage. Under the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (ACHF) Minnesota’s 300+ public libraries receive funding distributed through existing formulas to the 12 Minnesota Regional Library Systems to provide programs and services in four areas: arts (visual, performing and media), culture, literary and Minnesota history. The law states that these funds are intended “for regional programs and working with arts and cultural partners.