OverDrive Read Help

Getting started with OverDrive Read


What is OverDrive Read?

OverDrive Read is a browser-based eBook reader that works on most computers, tablets, and mobile devices running web browsers with HTML5 support.


How do I start using OverDrive Read?

Once you borrow an eBook from LARL’s OverDrive portal, click or tap the Read button on your Bookshelf to begin reading it immediately using OverDrive Read.


Will OverDrive Read work on my device?

The easiest way to see if OverDrive Read works on your device is to try it out. Most current web browsers are compatible with OverDrive Read. Some browsers that work well are ChromeFirefoxSafari, and Internet Explorer 10 and above. You can read more about compatibility here.


Can I use OverDrive Read without an internet connection?

Yes. On most devices, you can select the cloud icon in the OverDrive Read menu to cache (download) an eBook so you can read it offline. Make sure to also bookmark the eBook in your browser or save the eBook’s URL so you can get back to it in your browser once you’re offline.

Note: Some titles, like narrated or fixed-layout eBooks, are too large to completely cache (download) in your browser.