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Level Up Your Research Skills with a Genealogy and DNA Testing Workshop

Level up your genealogy research skills and learn about DNA testing. DNA testing using services such as or 23andMe can reveal insights into ethnicity, find relatives, identify inherited health risks or prove (or even disprove) relationships.

This workshop will compare the major DNA testing companies for genealogy and reveal how to use third-party tools such as DNA Painter to learn even more from your DNA results. This workshop is offered free of charge thanks to funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Crume will be available for two hours of individual genealogy research consultations by appointment at each location hosting this event.

Admission is free thanks to funding from the Minnesota Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Find a Workshop Near You!

Gonvick LINK Site
Monday, September 23 at 10 am

Crookston Public Library
Monday, September 23 at 6 pm

Ada Public Library
Tuesday, September 24 at 5 pm

Hendrum Fire Hall (309 Main Ave)
Wednesday, September 25 at 9 am

New Life Lutheran Church
(102 Main Ave W, Rothsay)
Thursday, September 26 at 3 pm

Breckenridge Public Library
Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 pm

Moorhead Public Library
Wednesday, October 2 at 6:30 pm

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