Kindle Help

Basic Information
  • Compatibility with thousands of LARL eBooks (browse our catalog)
  • Access to Amazon titles for direct download purchase
  • Non-reflective/anti-glare eInk display in Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard
  • Full-fledged web browser, email client, app store in Kindle Fire
  • Direct-to-Kindle downloads

Kindle Website

Formats that Work
  • Kindle format eBooks
  • Penguin eBooks loaned for reading on Kindle devices will need to be downloaded to a computer then transferred to the device over USB. For library patrons, this means Penguin eBooks will no longer be available for over-the-air delivery to Kindle devices or to Kindle apps. See the OverDrive Kindle Transfer Video for instuctions.
What do you need?
Returning items early:
  • Log in to your account
  • Select Manage Your Kindle
  • Select Actions > Return this book

NOTE FOR KINDLE READER DOWNLOADS:   You may receive renewal or purchase messages from Amazon regarding your OverDrive download of library eBooks to Kindle readers. These messages are not from LARL, and do not affect the terms of your library download. LARL never solicits purchases or charges any fees for the use of digital library material.