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Teens’ Top Ten Books of 2013:

Code Name Verity e1386778742874 Teen Pages  The False Prince e1386778036590 99x150 Teen Pages  Insurgent1 e1386778578827 Teen Pages   Pushing the Limits e1386779489447 Teen Pages   Poison Princess e1386779697449 Teen Pages

 Teen Pages   Crewel e1386779964856 Teen Pages   Every day e1386780116892 Teen Pages   Kill Me Softly e1386780231681 Teen Pages   Butter e1386780493300 Teen Pages

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plane Teen Pages Check out our youth OverDrive collection, the eReading Room. 

Teens: Your Next 5 Books

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Maze Runner by James Dashner

Make sure to read this bestseller before the movie comes out! To request the book for yourself click HERE.

Do you have what it takes to become a Maze Runner? Click HERE to go on a Mission!

mazerunner Teen Pages

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