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Your Kids Should Read Magazines and This Is Why

As adults, most of the reading we do isn’t actually from books. We read a myriad of things in our environments, homes and workplaces all day long. From emails, signs and catalogs to web articles, instructions and more, we are reading language used in many different ways throughout the day.

Children need to develop fluency reading these different styles of writing to be successful confident readers and writers as adults. Magazines for children and teens are a great way to encourage them to read a variety of styles of writing. Many contain nonfiction informational articles as well as creative fiction and even poetry.

Reading nonfiction articles in magazines even helps boost analytical skills and critical thinking abilities. It also exposes children to some of the nuances of how to how language is used differently in informational texts as opposed to creative works. Reading a variety of styles will help youth become stronger more confident readers and build a firm foundation for writing throughout their lives.

You can check out magazines from your favorite LARL location with your library card. We have a bunch of titles* for young readers including:

*Current titles subject to change without notice.

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